A hard day…

Billy rushed home to help me out…got caught in the crossfire that was the first day of summer craziness with two kids at home, boy I haven’t done this for 2 months, it is a lot easier being a working mom kind of day.  He also did school work for one of the first times this school year.. On the eve of the last day of school!  😂

Brayden made the cutest face when Billy put Bodhi in Brayden’s crib to give him a kiss goodnight. He amazes me by the day, with how smart he is. He poked himself in the eye while in the car seat and promptly fell asleep. He yelled derailment every time his trains fell off the track.

Bodhi pooped so big we had to bring him to the doctors. The face he made when he drank prune juice was PRICELESS. He growled for banana… A food he has to stay away from for a while.  He throws his head back in protest whenever he doesn’t want to do something and wants everything Brayden touches.

I was a frazzled mess today. I woke up with a migraine and was thrown back into the stay at home mom routine with Billy still in school. Bear ate a tube of bacitracin. I didn’t have a car seat to leave the house. A guy came to see our house. 

I am grateful to have the summer to spend with my family.

I vow to be more patient and more prepared.